What is Seebox?

Seebox is the award winning, innovative educational game console that teaches children the principals of science, electricity and electronics in a fun and practical way!

Problem solving can’t only be taught from staring at a book or even just by passively watching videos. It needs to be practiced until you become familiar with and good at it.

Seebox is a powerful educational game console that teaches children about science, electricity and electronic engineering in the form of a game. It was designed to engage the learner and measure the student’s progress whilst solving problems and conducting real experiments.







How Seebox works.

* Learners, young and old, watch entertaining animated videos to learn about concepts of electronics, electricity and science.
They then immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge to progress through the “game”, doing real practical experiments with electronics, using PC boards and components, called Playboards.
* Seebox measures what they do and based on the outcome of the experiment, they proceed to the next level or they have to try again.
The aim is for the student to gain real practical understanding, not just theoretical knowledge, whilst having fun.
* Seebox is suitable for learners from around age 12/13 all the way up to college/university level.
* Seebox is based on self-paced experiential learning and can be used by students even without an electronics teacher present.

‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn’.
Ancient Chinese proverb

Seebox’s impact on the future.

Seebox seeks to address the worldwide shortage of engineers by introducing children to electronics and science from a young age. The UK has a massive shortage of engineers and technicians and Seebox offers a viable and real technological solution to this problem.

It has massive potential for helping to alleviate the engineering and technology workers shortage we are experiencing at the moment in the UK and worldwide.
Our mission is to change the way children are taught electronics and science in school because the existing methods are simply not producing enough professionals for the huge demand.