What are Playboards?

Each pc board contains a module for the school subjects Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronic Technology or Digital Technology. This can be likened to a chapter in a book, but combined with videos, interactive questions, sketches and experiments. As soon as a certain board is connected to Seebox, the relevant learning material is unlocked. A complete user guide is supplied with the product. At this point we have to mention that Seebox is suitable for anyone of any age who is interested in electronics and want to learn more about how it works. However, most users will be school learners and students, who will find a tremendous benefit from working with the Seebox.

What will be expected of a student supervisor in the absence of an electronics teacher?

Nothing will be expected on the level of technical skills and knowledge of electronics. Seebox comes with a full user guide which contains easy to follow steps for learners.
The supervisor only need to ensure that each Seebox is connected to an active electrical connection and to the internet. Seebox can be mounted on a table to safeguard the device against theft. As for the playboards, they can be checked out from the supervisor by the learner exactly the same as a book in a library.

How much space is required for a Seebox?

Seebox doesn’t require much space. It’s about the same size as an A4 page.

What about support, warrantees and after sales service?

Seebox comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty which can be extended to 2 or 3 years for a small added premium. Because most Seebox users are children, Seebox has been designed to be a very robust product. The manufacturers warranty does not cover abuse, misuse or vandalism.
(Please see our Terms and Conditions section).

What happens if the device breaks? Can it be fixed or must it be replaced?

Yes, it can be fixed but like any other technology, it will sometimes have to be replaced if it can’t be repaired.

Who can use Seebox?

Children aged 12 years and older.
Electrical and electronic engineering students.
Hobbyists and people who are curious about electronics and want to learn about it.

Can Seebox be used for distance learning or home schooling?

Yes, absolutely! Seebox can be used anywhere: secondary schools, colleges, at home, in public libraries, in learning centres, non-profit and government training programs etc.

What makes Seebox different from other educational systems like robotics kits, low-cost single-board computers, and electronic simulation software?

Robotics kits and single-board computers focus only on software development which is great but electronics forms the basis that all software runs on.
Seebox is physical and tangible and kids love it!
It uses real-world components which makes the possibilities endless.
It is not limited to a library of virtual components created for the software.
It helps to create a deeper understanding of the fundamental aspects of electronics which is vital in becoming a better engineer.

What is the difference between how Seebox teaches electronics and how other educational apps do it?

Problem solving can’t be taught from a text book or by merely watching videos. It has to be practiced until one become good at it. Seebox focuses on involving and engaging the learner whilst measuring the learners progress in the process. This is totally different from presenting a learner with information in the form of a video or a text book and then testing only theoretical knowledge by having the learner recall it during an exam.