Seebox addresses a real need.

The realization of the coming AI revolution and just how unprepared many countries and people are for it, inspired the creation of Seebox. Everybody acknowledges that a young child learns a new language much easier than an adult, but what about learning problem-solving skills? Wouldn’t it also be much easier to teach people to think like problem-solvers, like an engineer needs to think, at a young age too?

• We realized that one can motivate young people to pursue careers as technology workers, like engineers, technicians and programmers, by introducing them to the world of electronics at a young age. This is achieved by stimulating their curiosity and by continuously challenging them with new and exciting material that keep them wanting more!

• We’ve also noticed how many engineers became interested in technology in their childhood already. They were driven by pure curiosity about how technology works. This natural curiosity is an even bigger driving force than money or status.
Many of them were introduced to the world of technology at an early age by a parent or a family member. This early introduction seems to be one of the keys to develop natural curiosity and problem-solving skills.

The next obvious question will then be:
How do we get children curious and interested in technology in the first place?

• Unfortunately, curiosity wasn’t born in a text book or a classroom. If that were the case we wouldn’t have the shortage of technology workers we are currently experiencing worldwide! Curiosity is created in young people by getting them to interact with the world around them until questions arise naturally. Once they start asking questions, we have to provide them with the answers in an easily understandable way.
• Seebox allows a young person to explore the world of science and electronics by measuring anything and everything. There are short animated videos to explain a single concept of science or electronics in a simple, fun yet effective way. The student’s newly acquired knowledge is then immediately tested and applied by doing simple experiments on actual boards and components, ensuring real understanding and much better knowledge retention.

“If Children don’t learn the way we teach,
then maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

* The Inventor of Seebox.

Johann Kok is an electronic engineer, entrepreneur and the inventor of Seebox. Johann’s vision and mission has always been to educate the younger generation and to stimulate their curiosity in electronics and science. Johann’s brilliant invention and passion has already impacted the lives of thousands of children who might never have dreamed about a career in engineering and we believe will in the future have an even bigger impact globally.

Based in South Africa, Johann and the Seebox team at the Headquarters are working round the clock to improve Seebox even more and to create new and more innovative content. Have a look at: