The state of engineering – Key Facts 2016

* Engineering companies are projected to need at least 182 000 people with engineering skills every year up to 2022.
* The UK needs more than a million new engineers and technicians over the next five years.
* Failure to meet the engineering skills demand will cost the UK £27bn a year.
* Engineering generated £455bn GDP for the UK, which is 27% of the total UK GDP.
* The engineering sector in the UK is 68% more productive than the retail sector.
* Engineering supports 14.5 million jobs directly or indirectly – which is 55% of all UK employment.
* We need to double the number of graduates & apprentices entering the engineering industry.
* Woman account for less than 10% of the engineering sector’s workforce.
* According to recent research published by the campaign group Wise, the UK has the lowest proportion of woman in engineering in Europe.
* According to leading industry figures like Professor Dame Ann Dowling, president of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the inventor Sir James Dyson, it is imperative to inspire young girls to pursue a career in engineering if we are to tackle the looming shortage crisis.
* Even though there is a lot more awareness & understanding about engineering today than a few years ago, we still need a lot more young people to develop an interest in and a love for STEM subjects.
* Peter Finegold, head of education and skills at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers said: “We need to change the way engineering is promoted and make it more attractive to more students by championing the creative aspects of the discipline and the fundamental role engineers play in our society to sectors as diverse as healthcare, food production and conservation.”
* The average graduate starting salary for engineering and technology is £27 000, over a fifth more than for all other graduates.

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