The Reality at present

Statistics clearly show that we have both a huge demand and at the same time a massive shortage of engineers and technicians in the UK.
The underlying problem is that we are simply not training enough engineers and technical people to fill the gap in the market. Although a lot of effort has been put in over the past few years to get young learners more interested in STEM subjects, it unfortunately doesn’t seem to have the desired effect.

See ‘The State of Engineering – Key facts 2016’

Traditionally, students who show an interest in technology and electronics would go to college or university after school to study further. The problem is that the pool of students who are interested in electronics and technology have always been too small to meet the demand in the market. Add to that the fact that the eventual graduates are significantly less than the initial students who started studying in the field and it becomes clear why we continuously have a growing shortage of engineers and technical people.

It seems that one of the problems with traditional methods of introducing students to the world of science and technology is that it hasn’t been very effective in capturing enough students’ imagination nor their interest from a young age. It also failed to keep students interest long enough to make any significant difference.

It begs the question: Shouldn’t we be doing more or at the very least try something different to ensure that more children develop an interest in and a love for STEM and tech subjects? Can’t we make it more interactive and interesting for them?

Of course we can! And we should!
After all, our children’s futures are at stake!

What better way than to use the very things our children are growing up with these days! Mobile phones, tablets, game consoles etc.

Enter Seebox!

Seebox makes learning fun and interactive whilst teaching children the necessary skills to become tech workers, engineers, inventors etc.
Our children are getting bombarded with more new information in a week than our parents were exposed to in a year! Our children are learning more advanced stuff at a much younger age than we or our parents did and they therefore also need a lot more stimulation to keep their interest than we did.

Whether we like or dislike technology is irrelevant. The fact is: It’s here to stay and it is steamrolling into the future at an incredible pace! We need to help our children to, at the very least, keep up with it or they will be left behind.

Seebox enable schools to start offering electronics as a subject from age 12/13 without having to specifically employ an electronics teacher and without the need to invest in costly lab equipment.