Seebox for Technology Companies

It is a well known documented fact that there is a world-wide shortage of electronic engineering skills. So much so that some tech-companies are offering substantial financial rewards simply for a referral that will lead to the successful appointment of an engineer.

Finding and appointing the right person for a job in electronic or software engineering can be fairly expensive. But even more expensive, is not finding the person with the necessary skills or even appointing the wrong person in a job. Engineering, by definition, is very practically-orientated, requiring problem-solving skills and it can cost a company dearly to have entire systems depend on a person who doesn’t have what it takes to sort out a problem when it arises.

What if a tech company can identify the best problem-solvers at school or college level already?

Seebox was designed to help tech companies expand their future workforce by early identifying the best students and offering them apprenticeships, bursaries, scholarships and/or jobs.

We took the instruments that an electronic engineer uses on a day-to-day basis and turned it into a professional educational tool that can also monitor the person’s progress.

Seebox combines 6 electronic test instruments in one: oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, waveform generator, logic analyser, digital pattern generator and a programmable power supply.

How Seebox will help tech companies with their future recruitment of employees.

Tech companies can sponsor schools with Seeboxes and with the consent of the parents gain access to learners’ progress throughout their school/college career. This will enable a company to identify, build rapport with and keep in contact with the best students who might one day be their future employees.

Tech companies are already investing in their own futures anyway. Sponsoring schools with the necessary technology now will pay massive dividends for them in the long term.

Recruiting the best candidates made easy and affordable.

Tech companies will be able to recruit the best young engineers from across the world. They can do this without having to spend a small fortune on recruitment. For example: An HR manager for a British company can start picking the best potential young engineers without even having to leave his/her office merely by accessing a huge pool of students via the Seebox’s ‘Cloud based’ Learner Management System which stores all the learners’ progress reports.